Tham gia chương trình Dream Project Incubator – Cơ hội học tập giao lưu 8 tuần tại Boston, Mỹ (07/10)


Each year, about 5 candidates with great project ideas will become DPI fellows and gain access to mentorship, resources and financial support to travel to Boston.

 To ensure the high quality of the program, acceptance will be limited to candidates  who demonstrate the highest potential to benefit from the program.

Application for 2017 is open.

Apply now!


Any Vietnamese between 20-25 years old who are living in Vietnam and have never studied in an overseas university.

Selection Process
Details on the 3 rounds can be found here
1st round: Application submission
Each candidate needs to submit a proposal for an idea they want to realize. The idea can come from a broad range of areas, such as startup ideas, technology development, social entrepreneurship etc.

2nd round: Idea presentation
Candidates selected from the 1st round will present their ideas to a panel of judges and an audience.

3rd round: Interview
Candidates selected after the 2nd round will have to improve their ideas and show progress. This will be assessed via an interview, which will include fit/behavioral questions and skill assessment.

Program Cost

Fellows receive a lot of support from DPI but not all cost is covered. We provide our fellows with:

  • Up to $1000 airfare, which we reimburse fellows after they complete each component of the trip.

  • Accomodation and public transportation in Boston.

  • $700 stipend for the whole trip.

  • Expense for activities in the core curriculum.

Any other cost for traveling outside of Boston or personal activities is fellow’s responsibility.

Program components

The fellowship is has 3 phases: pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip.


  • Execute the proposed idea.

  • Design their plans in Boston with the assistance of program organizers

  • Undergo further English training if necessary

  • Location: Vietnam

Up to 8 weeks in Boston/US

  • Carry out individual plans.

  • Participate in a core program which provides exposure to the Boston eco-system.

  • Location: Boston/US


  • Execute refined ideas powered by the experience and learning from the trip.

  • Give back to the community: Become the organizers for DPI program next year and assist the upcoming group in making the most out of the program. Some other activities might be required. 

  • Location: Vietnam


A typical year of DPI is as followed:

  • Accepting applications: Sept-Oct

  • Round 2 (Presentation): Nov

  • Round 3 (Interview): Feb (next year)

  • Pre-trip: Mar-May

  • Boston trip: Summer 

Passion to make an impact
We look for candidates with a passion for making changes and having an impact to society.

Selection Criteria

Other Basic Requirements

  • Vietnamese nationality

  • Currently living in Vietnam

  • Age from 20 – 25

  • Proficient in English

Preferred exposure

  • Track record of involvement in your area of interest

  • Strong communication skills

  • Strong reference letter(s)

  • Have some ideas about what they can do in Boston/US.

Experienced and established Vietnamese mentors will evaluate your application and interview.

Visit our FAQ section for more information


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