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(NOFO): 2017 Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Generation: Eco-Entrepreneurship Workshop


The 2017 YSEALI Generation: Eco-Entrepreneurship Workshop will bring together approximately 40-50 youth (aged 20-35) from all ten ASEAN nations: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The ideal dates for the workshop are February 25-28, 2017.


The three to four-day workshop will be held at a location that directly exposes participants to Brunei’s pristine tropical rainforest, which is a largely untapped biodiversity hotspot that may be exploited, in an environmentally-friendly way, for both business (eco-tourism, medical research) and science. It forms an appropriate backdrop for a workshop to explore the contention that businesses and the environment may be partners in effective and progressive socio-economic development.

The workshop will include a mix of informational sessions and skills training. Informational sessions addressing YSEALI themes, particularly related to combining environment and natural resources management with entrepreneurship and economic development. These will be led by experts on the issue (both local, regional, and from the United States), with the U.S. Embassy in Bandar Seri Begawan to suggest local speakers to be approached. These sessions will deepen participants’ knowledge of the issue and give them an ASEAN-wide perspective. A key goal of YSEALI is to promote regional, cross-border cooperation and a sense of ASEAN identity. Activities and information sessions should be included to help accomplish that goal.

Training and mentoring sessions will focus on providing participants with the skills needed to implement project ideas they have developed prior to the workshop. The participant selection process should screen for applicants that already have some experience or a strong interest in green business development. The ideal dates for the workshop are February 25-28, 2017. The cooperative agreement should contain pre-workshop learning and preparation, as appropriate, and a follow-on component wherein workshop participants share lessons learned with governments, business development institutions, community organizations, and/or youth groups upon their return home. A digital media outreach campaign should also be planned by the organizer, in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy and Department of State to ensure YSEALI branding and marketing are appropriate.

It is recommended that site visits to local organizations, meetings with local green entrepreneurs, and/or an environmental/eco-tourism themed tour be organized. Side activities may also include opportunities for participants to experience the local culture through volunteer projects, field work and/or cultural activities; examples could include Water Village cleanups, tree-planting, recycling projects, learning how to make local products, etc. Workshop participants should have the opportunity to mingle and get to know each other prior to the start of the workshop, as well as during the workshop. The inclusion of the U.S. Ambassador to Brunei for the opening/closing event is also strongly recommended. Inclusion of older, experienced YSEALI members as mentors or session leaders is also encouraged.

Audience: Total audience will be 40-50 young leaders, aged 20-35 years, from Burma, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. They are YSEALI members (who have registered on the YSEALI website and/or who have never attended a YSEALI program before. All participants must be proficient in written and spoken English.

We recommend that selected participants:

  • Have relevant experience and/or interest in areas of green business development, eco-entrepreneurship, eco-tourism, or related;
  • Ability to communicate in English (speaking in public, making presentations, and writing);
  • Are interested and able to travel to Brunei to attend the workshop during the dates specified (February 25th – February 28th, 2017);
  • Must be a YSEALI member (registered on YSEALI website) and meet membership criteria (20-35 years old and a citizen of one of the 10 ASEAN countries);
  • Priority will be considered for those who have not attended a YSEALI regional workshop or fellowship

Timeline: The YSEALI Generation: Eco-Entrepreneurship Workshop will be held on February 25-28, 2017




PDF: Brunei Notice of Funding Opportunities FINAL (123 KB)


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